Biggleswade AC has a fantastic team of coaches.

We have several qualified coaches that cover all the main athletic disciplines; distance running, throws, sprints, hurdles and jumps. We also coach fartlek and speedwork sessions for road runners.

All of our coaches are willing to give advice on training schedules, running safety, and what to do if injured.

The club has many natural leaders who support and encourage their fellow runners when training as groups and help to ensure that sessions are delivered effectively.

Coaches volunteer their time freely. The Committee is grateful for the time and effort that coaches invest in the club. Feedback is encouraged from athletes and coaches alike.


David Brown

Level: Qualified Coach Level 4 (old system). On National coaching list for speed.

Discipline: Specialises in coaching hurdlers, sprinters and those at the shorter end of the middle distance range of all ages. Has coached athletes to national medals and records and international world champs finals. Would be happy to give help and advice to senior endurance runners too. Very experienced coach (>15 years) and presently works with the UK hurdles squad. Coaches the UK number three under 20 hurdler.

Profile: Has been running since his youth and has a strong endurance background with impressive PBs up as far as 10 miles (see website). Still performs at a high level from 200m to 5K.

Training: Type of sessions - Presently coaching on the track on Tuesdays and Thursdays (18.30 - 20.00) and other times if available. Would give individual schedules if required. Tuesday and Thursday from 18.30 - 20.00.

Notes: Works closely with Andy Deans, Sonia Edwards and all other coaches.



Ken Prior

Level: Qualified Level 3 (old system)

Discipline: The works. Qualified to teach all athletics disciplines though I have mainly coached the jumps and distance running.

Profile: Despite spending most of time coaching field events, distance running was always my first love so always happy to discuss this.Trying hard to retire as the state of my knees prevents much in the way of demonstration and even standing on a pole vault apron for hour does them no favours. After 20 years of weekends spent at athletics matches, I also want some time back to spend with the family and cycling.

Training: Core strength sessions on Thursday evenings until Easter then approximately twice monthly pole vault sessions during the summer. Email me if you would like to be informed when these will be taking place.



Andy Deans

Level: Qualified as Coach (old level 2 in sprints)

Discipline: Happy to coach 100m 200m 400m, javelin, triple and long jump.

Profile: Has been coaching a sprint group for over 8 years (all ages) and developed many county champions.

Training: Age range 8 to 100. Coaching on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18.30 – 19.30.

Notes: Happy to work with any other coaches, particularly if he can pick up some tips!


Jamie Webster

Level: Athletics Coach

Discipline: Sprinting, 100m , 200m, 400 m decathlon and heptathlon, willing to coach all levels and ages groups.

Profile: Competed to a high level and competed in European club finals. Has great knowledge of sprinting.

Training: Tuesdays and Thursdays- 6.30-8pm, some Sundays.

Notes: Work closely with most coaches and I am the SAL team manager, attends most of the athletes races.



Sonia Edwards

Level: Qualified old Level 2 - Sprints/Jumps

Discipline: Sprints/Jumps. Coaches Little Bees Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Profile: Have been involved in athletics since age 10 as athlete and since 2008 as a Coach. Enjoy coaching the u11s category as you get to coach complete beginners in all disciplines.

Training: Little Bees start at 6.30pm and finishes at 7.30pm Tuesdays and Thursdays. We coach all events in this age group. In the Winter season there is Sports-hall competitions and in the Summer season there is the very popular Quad Kids competitions that all U11s are encouraged to take part in.

Notes: Happy to work with other coaches to ensure that U11s get an opportunity to try everything from pole vault to hurdles.



Zoe Luscombe

Level: Group Coach - Endurance

Discipline: Track and road racing from 400m to Marathon

Profile: Coaching since 2006.

Training: Tuesday, 6pm, trackside Sessions are designed to develop leg speed, pace judgement and increase lactate threshold.

Notes: You do not need to be a track athlete to join in a session. Sessions are open to all abilities. Working with all Biggleswade Coaches to achieve and encourage the best from each member. Zoë is also the Club Welfare Officer and is happy to meet with all members, parents and guardians.



Daniel Steel

Level: Assistant Coach

Discipline: Happy to train all events involved in the Decathlon. But specializes in Long, Triple & High Jump.

Profile: Started out as a Triple Jumper for Club & Cambridgeshire, before moving to all jumps and then the Decathlon in 2014. Ranked 50th in UK for Decathlon in 2015.

Training: Tuesday & Thursday 6-8pm, happy to coach anyone willing to learn. Additional training sessions can be arranged via email/phone.

Notes: Club Record holder for Senior Decathlon & Indoor Heptathlon.



Giles Hawthorne

Level: Assistant Coach

Discipline: Endurance - Road running and cross-country - 3 Km to half marathon distances.

Profile: Tuesday and Thursday are typically a jointly coached interval, repetition, or tempo session with Paul Davies on the track, road or cross country. Meet at Sandy Upper School at 7:00 pm on Tuesday and 6:30pm on Thursday. Long slow run on Sunday on roads and cross country (8 min per mile pace or faster). Additional sessions are also arranged on Saturday from late spring through Autumn.

Training: Looking for improving runners who have made the initial fitness gains from easy running who are now looking for some structured training to further improve and meet their goals. I am more than happy to provide tailored training plans, based on the race being targeted by the individual.

Notes: I work in tandem with Paul Davies, and the two of us coordinate closely with Damo Pitts and Zoe Luscombe.



Hanne Boggon

Level: Coaching Assistant

Discipline: I coach the Little Bees on a Thursday. We do a range of activities to give the athletes a taste for the different disciplines on offer.

Profile: Having been part of Biggleswade AC for many years, I am an enthusiastic and committed member of the club. As well as coaching, I have competed for the club in 100m and 200m and now train with the longer distance group. I am an aspiring PE teacher with experience working with children and a current role at St Christopher School, Letchworth. I will begin my teacher training in September.

Training: Coaching Assistant Course Degree in Physical Education



Alison Ridley

Level: Qualified Assistant Coach

Discipline: Happy to coach any age. Fast developing skills in coaching the throws. Also helping out in other disciplines when the need arises.

Training: Tuesdays and Thursdays 18.30 – 19.30



Amanda Trudgill

Level: Qualified Assistant Coach

Profile: Not presently coaching but available to help other coaches on occasions.

Training: Tuesdays and Thursdays 18.30 – 19.30

Notes: Junior Coordinator



Chris Watson

Level: Qualified Assistant Coach

Discipline: Happy to coach high jump and javelin, (or any throws if pushed)

Profile: Has been coaching high jump for several years including his son Josh who is County Champion and has competed at the English Schools and National Indoor Championships.

Training: Age range 8 to 100. Coaching on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18.30 – 19.30 of alternate weeks (see T&F training schedule for dates)



Damien Pitts

Level: Athletics Coach

Discipline: Happy to take anyone from recreational jogger to hardened athletes. Has been coaching a mixed group for over 7 years.

Profile: Been a member of the club and runner for 22 years and competed in races from 3k up to and including Marathon distances (PBs are on club website).

Training: Type of sessions Hillwork, Fartlek, Speedwork, general runs ranging from 4.5 to 7.5 miles, monthly away days to local towns/villages and torch runs. Sessions are on a Tuesday and Thursday from 19.00 to 20.00 with sessions uploaded onto the club calendar for all to view.

Notes: Happy to provide individual schedules. Cooperation with other coaches - work with Zoe, Paul and Giles with the coaching opportunities for senior athletes



Gary Baldwin

Level: Leader in Running Fitness

Discipline: Road running and cross-country from 5k to half-marathon.

Profile: I have ran for the club in 5k, 10k, 10 mile and half-marathon races. I have also competed in cross-country and veterans track & field events.

Training: Tuesday is typically a session on-road or partly off-road aimed at a broad range of abilities. Primarily working on improving athletes speed and endurance, usually with fartlek, hills or interval runs. Thursday is likely to be a general, less structured, run of 4-6 miles at a pace to suit the individual.



Helen Steward

Level: Running Leader


Jacqui Thompson

Level: Leader in Running Fitness

Discipline: Track and road running, from 3k to 10k distance.

Profile: I am new to running and a relatively new member of the club, joining at the first BAC C25K programme in May 2016. I gained my Leader in Running Fitness certification in Jan 2017. Most recently during April-July 2017, I helped Coach and Coordinate the 12 week BAC C25K where we had over 125 participants sign up and attend.

Training: I have yet to find my niche as a leader within the club and am currently gaining experience with Coach Giles Hawthorne at the Wednesday 19.00-20.00 Structured training sessions.

Notes: I am not a fast runner and can normally be found at the tail end of runs looking after other slower paced runners.



Jakob Grabowski

Level: Coaching Assistant

Discipline: Coaches Little Bees

Training: Had been running for a year before deciding to help out with the Little Bees. Took the coaching assistant course at the beginning of 2017. Now coaches (alongside Katie) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. His background (pre athletics) was in rugby.


Julia Mackay

Level: Leader in Running Fitness

Discipline: My main expertise is in road running, from 3K to marathon distance.

Profile: I have been a member of the club, and a runner, since 2005 gaining my Leader in Running Fitness certification in 2016. I have competed for the club in a number of events, over a variety of terrain, from 800m to marathon. I currently hold the club record for the marathon in FV45 age category.

Training: I lead the Monday 6pm sessions, which are suitable for senior runners who are able to run at least 5K in around 30-45 mins yet would like to improve their distance and/or time. I also help lead the Tuesday/Thursday 7pm sessions. These are suitable for senior runners who are able to run more than 5K in around 30 mins and would like to improve their distance and/or time.

Notes: I am not a fast runner but what I lack in speed I make up for in determination and enthusiasm.



Juliet Grimwood

Level: Leader in Running Fitness

Discipline: Road running, track and cross county from 3K to marathon distance.

Profile: I have been a BAC Member since January 2012 and I was Biggleswade AC Lady 10 Mile Champion 2015 at 51. Gained my Leader in Running Fitness in 2016 and I have completed for the club in various races in road running and cross country.

Training: I provide on Mondays at 7.00pm friendly track sessions to help senior runners who run 5K in 30 mins to improve their running pace and time (meet on the track). Tuesdays and Thursdays (meet outside Sandy Upper School) in coordination with other coaches to provide Hillwork, Fartlek, Speedwork, general runs ranging from 4.5 to 7 miles (7.2 to 11.2K) on different terrains for senior runners. Lead for Sunday Coffee & Cake runs which cater for all different paces and distances.

Notes: I have great enthusiasm for running and I am happy to help anyone wishing improve their running pace/skills. Introduce you to all the different types of races you can do on track, road and cross country. RNR (Round Norfolk Relay) being a particular favourite. I put the fun into run.



Katie Miles

Level: Coaching Assistant

Discipline: Track and field for Little Bees

Notes: Started out as a Little Bee. Qualified as a coach while working at Premier Sports and has since taken her athletics coaching assistant course. Has been sprinting for the club since she was a Little Bee and now coaches them on Tuesdays and Thursdays and loves seeing them compete at weekends.


Malcolm Steward

Level: Running Leader


Michael Blunt

Level: Coaching Assistant

Discipline: Endurance running


Paul Davies

Level: :Qualified Coach In Running Fitness, (June 2017)

Discipline: Endurance on the track, road and cross country from 3k to marathon distances for 17 yrs. Happy to train all standards as long as the individual has a desire to improve.

Profile: Successful club level road, track and cross country runner since 2009, all PBs are on the club website.

Training: Tuesday is typically a session on the track, road or cross country taking in either interval or repetition training. Meet at the club at 7 pm. Thursday, usually will be a track session, again meeting at 7 pm. Contact me in advance for venue and time Saturday see club website for details as this will vary greatly depending on the time of year and upcoming races.

Notes: I am more than happy to provide tailored training plans, based on the race being targeted by the individual. Enjoys cooperation with other coaches.



Vicky Berry

Level: Running Leader



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